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Don’t take the ratings too seriously, but do use Untappd to toast the customers that invested in your beer.

At the very least, make an effort to add your beer to the database with the proper artwork. It’s disappointing, frankly, to order a beer that a brewery took weeks to create, but couldn’t take a few minutes to list on Untappd. Too often the beer drinker is left to define the style. Do you really want the first person ordering your pumpkin bock to register it as an adjunct lager?

If you’re producing different vintages of the same beer, give each their own listing. Your 2013 Barley Wine should be registered separately from your 2014.

The same goes for the different versions of same beer. Your special edition, single-hopped with Wakatu shouldn’t share the same listing as your special edition, single-hopped with Nelson Sauvin, even if they share the same label.

Including label art leaves a visual stamp to reinforce your branding

Adding a beer only takes a few minutes and helps the first-time buyer get a better understanding of what they’re about to consume. IBUs, ABV and description are important. Including label art leaves a visual stamp to reinforce your branding.

Untappd Recap:

  • Untappd is an app built to classify your core product. Take the initiative to categorize it to your specifications, before someone else registers it incorrectly.

  • Make it dead simple for the person holding their smartphone in one hand and your beer in the other.

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