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The BlogYour tale is going to be told. Whether you frame the conversation or let others tell your story their way is entirely up to you.

So often neglected, probably because doing it well takes the most effort, the blog is your best opportunity to tell your story, your way. A well-maintained, thoughtful, engaging journal is where your most ardent fans will turn to validate all they love about you. It’s where you deliver the level of information that lets your customers geek out a bit and feel like they know you best of all.

In Toronto, Bellwoods does it better than anyone. Their blog is clever, frequently updated and published in a conversational tone. Topics range from food made with beer to the state of construction at the new plant. Anytime a new label is released, the blog is where Bellwoods tells you about what to expect from it. By describing the flavours and aromas, Bellwoods gets ahead of the actual tasting and makes it easier for the reader to enjoy their first sip.

Use headings to help readers find the content

When introducing new beers, keep the format consistent so readers know what to expect. Use headings to help readers find the content.

The blog is also an excellent forum to show you understand your customers. So much of what I’ve learned about Toronto’s beer scene comes from sitting at the bar, listening to what’s being said around me. Take cues from the discussion and offer your informed perspective.

Whether you use WordPress, Tumblr or something integrated into your own website, it’s worth surveying each option, its benefits and its limitations before going too far.

— This is actually a web page, but would be an excellent blog post to announce a new beer —

Blog Recap:

  • The blog is your best opportunity to tell your own story in your own words

  • Use it to reward your most ardent fans with insider information

  • Offer a brewer’s perspective on the issues you hear your customers discussing

  • For posts that offer similar content use consistent headings so readers know what to expect.

  • Categorize your content to make it easier for readers to find what they’re searching for when they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for.

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