The Most Visual Channel

InstagramInstagrammers are frequently chided for subjecting their followers to photos of their brunch. But is that really so bad? What if, as a brewer, you can motivate users to pair your beer with their pineapple cinnamon bun? Or any other delicious combo?

no platform puts more focus on user-driven aesthetics …

It may not be the most sophisticated social media tool, but Instagram is highly visual. Every decent brewer knows the importance of presentation and no platform puts more focus on user-driven aesthetics than this.

Be creative and take the time to get a great photo, or risk people simply swiping past your efforts. Show off your label art, share a picture of your harvest ale among the autumn leaves, reveal your event poster, or post a video of your hands-on brewer working on her non-automated system. Definitely take a moment to upload a picture of your newest offering, poured properly in the correct glass, so your fans know how your stellar product is intended to be taken at its finest.

Also though, keep in mind this medium is designed for mobile. This is not a place for long explanations or to announce when tickets will go on sale. Unlike a blog, which is a repository of information, Instagram is ideal for showing what’s happening now.

Regramming” (re-posting others’ photos) means everyone with a cameraphone has the potential to be your photographer. Encourage the use of a unique hashtag, then start sharing your event from the numerous vantage points. Not only are you getting free, creative content, you’re also rewarding your attendees by crediting their contributions.

What may seem obvious to you might get lost on others

Don’t rely solely on the photographic experience. What may seem obvious to you might get lost on others. Showing off your black IPA in its proper glass would confuse someone who thinks they’re looking at your dunkel. Adding short, compelling narrative gives the image proper context.

Unlike Twitter, where too many hashtags can be a turn-off, the ‘#’drives traffic to your Instagram feed. Check out other popular beer accounts and see what keywords they have in common (hint: #beertography and #instabeer are good ones).

Instagram Recap:

  • Instagram is highly visual and puts more emphasis on aesthetics than other platforms

  • No other relevant social medium is so closely aligned to the mobile experience

  • Regramming (re-posting others’ photos) gives you the ability to channel others’ photos into your own multi-perspective, live event promotion.

  • Use hashtags. #LotsOfThem

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