Social Media for Breweries

by Dan Grant

One of the biggest opportunities for marketing beer is its social advantage. Unlike more expensive alcoholic options, beer’s price point and range of styles make it more approachable – more democratic. The explosion in popularity of festivals, clubs and themed events is proof of what you probably already know: beer brings people together.

But beer folk don’t just meet in person. Leave your Twitter feed open for any length of time and you’ll see beer writers, bar owners and brewmasters having pretty involved conversations – both serious and sarcastic – snippet by snippet. Fans are poring onto Facebook albums for days after events to see if they can spot themselves and tag their friends. Over on Untappd, people are discussing the merits of one beer or another, toasting each others’ check-ins. There’s the oft-overlooked blog, which might seem the least interactive, but planned well and loaded with engaging content has the potential to spread your message to an audience you didn’t even imagine. And then there’s Instagram…

So how are you using social media to promote the very social beverage you produce?

This social media summary is a work in progress. As new channels pop up and the others evolve, I’ll re-examine the different ways you can interact with your customers.

So far I haven’t touched on Pinterest, Google+, YouTube or LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the value in them (I’m certainly using each).

I’ve also chosen not to go into too much detail, listing all the tools I use or spelling out best practices for things like retweets. If you have any questions though, please let me know.

This tutorial begins with the mindset you need to adopt when planning your social media strategy. You’ll find the crucial points to consider on the introductory page, How Social is Your Beer?

Proceed to the Introduction »

Best of Luck!

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