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Love some good beer with your light workout? Have I got a group for you!



Since early 2014, RunTOBeer ( has been Toronto’s craft beer running series, meeting weekly to check out some of the finest venues in town.

Runs are 3 / 5 / 10k, but we do things differently. Rather than everybody starting together and racing to the finish, we start the 10k runners first and they collect the 5k runners. The larger group then goes to where the 3k runners are waiting and we all collect our beer around the same time!

Mostly sticking to city sidewalks, we deal with traffic lights, pedestrians, construction sites and other urban challenges (one very memorable dog park), then reward ourselves with a pint or two.

#RunTOBeer at the Brewer's Backyard (May 2015)
#RunTOBeer at the Brewer’s Backyard (May 2015)
  • A race. If 65 runners show up, we’ll probably see seven clusters going different paces. This is not competitive running.
  • Profitable. We don’t charge for this. The only money you spend is for your beer at the end of the run.
  • Onerous. Can’t make it for two weeks, six weeks, six months? No big deal! You’re welcome back any time.
  • Seasonal. We run all year, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us.
  • Closed.  Just visiting Toronto? Don’t know anyone else in the group? Doesn’t matter.  You’re always welcome.

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RunTOBeer heading to Evergreen Brickworks, May 2015
RunTOBeer heading to Evergreen Brickworks, May 2015

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