Goose Island IPA

Migration Week is coming!

If you see an uptick in Goose Island (@gooseislandbeer) activity coming from Toronto in the next few weeks, it’s because Migration Week arrives between May 26th & 29th.

Last week several of us beer writer types got IPA delivered to our doors. Today, I’m enjoying a nice, cold one.

I was a bit wary because the last pour of it I had in Canada was at Fynn’s of Temple Bar, and it was clearly off (plenty of Big League Chew bubblegumminess). I don’t want to belittle Labatt’s commitment to clean draught lines… but a lot of other people sure do.

This one you’re looking at now, however, is outstanding. I LOVE English IPAs and this one has all the earthy, long grass and black tea bitterness I adore.

Goose Island IPA
Goose Island IPA

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