TASTE FIRST: Beau’s Siduri

I’m trying to imagine what an uninitiated beer drinker would think if they picked up a bottle of Beau’s Siduri. Not knowing the term saison, they would see a white pepper whatever-the-heck-a-saison-is?, aged in red, ice wine barrels. Sounds quite pleasant until researching saison a bit further and coming across descriptors like “funky,” “earthy” and “barnyard.” At $10.00, that bottle is sitting on the shelf a bit longer.

Beau's Siduri white pepper saison, aged in red ice wine barrels
Beau’s Siduri white pepper saison, aged in red ice wine barrels

For me, Siduri (10.2%) delivered on all of its packaged promises. Aesthetically, from the wrapping to the label and right inside to its contents, it’s purrrdy. A tight, white head capped its hazy, golden orange body and stuck around for a generous amount of time.

Aromas like the sourness of boiled lemons, freshness of orange peel, zing of cloves, mustiness of horse stalls and the mysterious fruitiness of cherry chapstick were strongest.

Sipping it over the next hour I was surprised to find the white pepper and the red ice wine flavours were both pretty easy to pick out of the sea of dank, tangy, spicy citrus.

Another interesting feature of the beer was the offsetting effects of what I assume were the tannins from the red ice wine. Whereas a saison is normally a very refreshing, clean style, Siduri also gets up into your cheeks and clings to your gums if you give it a chance to settle. It’s an interesting mouthfeel.

Reading back my own description I’m not sure I’d sell any newbies on the virtues of this rather complex $10.00 bottle, but it’s one I would happily spend more evenings with. This isn’t something you want to finish quickly to get to the next. This is a patient beer that pairs beautifully with a long, slow sunset or an old thriller on Netflix.


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