Tweets for treats!

If you were following along with my tweets over the past couple weeks, you may have noticed I spent the first half of September riding my bike around Belgium and Holland, tasting beer that doesn’t normally find its way to our corner of the world.

Ten (10) bottles came back with me, and on Monday evening at 7:00 I’ll be opening them up to a very select few at the very cool JM&Sons shipping container on Dundas West.

JM&Sons Pop Up container, 1334 Dundas St W., at Rusholme

I have one spot left and if you want it, jump on to Twitter and post this link from Thursday’s Toronto Star

Make sure you tag @JMandSons (so we see it), and say something fun. The most creative tweet wins my last spot.

Monday's bounty!
Monday’s European bounty!

The beers I’m sharing are as follows:

  1. Engelszell Benno (Trappist Farmhouse Ale, from Austria)
  2. Westvleteren Six (Trappist Blond, from Belgium)
  3. La Trappe Puur (Trappist Organic Blonde, from Holland)
  4. La Trappe Quadrupel (Trappist Quadrupel, from Holland)
  5. Witte Klaviervier (Koyt / Kuit / Kuyt, from Holland)
  6. Jopen Frans Hals (Kuitbier, from Holland)
  7. Jopen Koyt (Koyt, from Holland)
  8. Jopen Hoppenbier (Hoppenbier, from Holland)
  9. Bruges Zot (Bruine, from Belgium)
  10. De Molen Larie & Apekool BA (Barrel-Aged Smoked Imperial Stout, from Holland)

The guys from JM&Sons and I will judge the entries Sunday afternoon.  You’ll need to be following @BrewScout so I can DM the winner.


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