Liberty Village Summer Craft Beer Festival

Sunny and 28° is not a bad way to ease into an evening of beer drinking. 

In the market alley at Liberty Village, I’m doing my first ever mobile blog, while passing between booths and sipping some new — but mostly familiar — local brews.

Liberty Village Summer Craft Beer Festival

There are so many beer festivals now, it’s impossible to get to half of them, but thanks to Hop City I’ve got a free pass to survey this one.

This will be my first remote blog test before spending two weeks immersing myself in Europe’s finest beer.  I’m impressed at how quickly my Samsung Galaxy S4 has learned words like “saison” and “gueuze.” I always felt BlackBerry (my last four phones) should have pioneered a BlogBerry to make my mobile life easier. I’d still have a physical keyboard now if they had.

My favourite new tastes tonight: Oast House’s Bucolic Bastard (Belgian yeast in an otherwise American Pale Ale) and Highlander’s Blacksmith Smoked Stout.

Overall impression of the inaugural Liberty Village Summer Craft Beer Fest: quite a pleasant way to spend a balmy August evening. Once your ticket is purchased you’re given a wristband and a plastic cup. Samples are just a buck each. Unfortunately several brewers’ taps ran dry early, which suggests the event was better attended than anticipated. There were never long lines however, so I’m not complaining.

Sorry for so few photos. Like the festival itself, the remote blogging will only get better from here.

Your feedback is welcome.


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